Tsundere Hound LMAO!

Tsundere Hound LMAO!


Animazement 14 Day 2 - Saturday: The Cosplay Craftsman Contest

Saturday was possibly the most stressful day ever, but at the end of all the unbelievable mess, we went to our first judging for the cosplay craftsman contest - and won a Judge’s Choice Award! So…yay. However, I think we are going to stay away from armored costumes for awhile. lol

I was Warrior Princess!Sailor Moon and my cousin was Warrior Princess!Sailor Chibi Moon of our own design.


I don’t ever talk about this because it’s SUPER HARD but my father considered himself an MRA. He blamed women for everything wrong in his life.

He learned to hate and blame women the same way racism teaches people to hate and blame minorities.

My mother saved us from his abuse but my father…

Sounds like my dad. One of my earliest memories is of him telling me that a woman could never be president. I was four-years-old. He spent his life looking for weak women to control and abuse. He was always really popular with other men, everyone thought he was great. I learned young that most people blame the woman for being beat or not leaving and they don’t give a shit about the kids - they’re just some extension of their mother and guilty by association.